Anesthesia Associates Medical Group (AAMG) is a group of physicians, located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, dedicated to providing safe and quality anesthesia care to our patients.

Each year more than 40 million surgeries take place in the United States. An Anesthesiologist cares for more than 90% of the patients involved in these procedures. An anesthesiologist is the perioperative physician (“peri-” meaning “all-around”) who provides medical care to each patient throughout his or her surgical experience. This includes medically evaluating the patient before surgery (preoperative), consulting with the surgical team, providing pain control and supporting life functions during surgery (intraoperative), supervising care after surgery (postoperative) and medically discharging the patient from the recovery unit.

Anesthesia Associates Medical Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 100
Santa Barbara, CA, 93116 Click to pay online.

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